Our Client’s Stories

You have a job but as hard as you work to make ends meet, your best efforts are just not enough. An unexpected crisis occurs: loss of employment, health issue or major car or home repair issue arises. The bills begin to pile up along with the mounting stress as you fear that eviction will soon occur.  In this time of need, when you put forth your best efforts for your family but still fall short of meeting your basic needs for your children and yourself, where can you turn for help?  

     This is what happened to Lauren and her family which led to their homelessness. She and her young son entered into our shelter program earlier this year. With the help of her case manager, Lauren has been able to develop a plan that addresses her family needs and has strengthened her chances for gaining employment that will provide a living wage. As a single parent she thought this would not be possible, especially in her financial situation. But, with the support and guidance she found at Family Promise of Sussex County, Lauren has been able to obtain the necessary resources to get back on track to self-sufficiency.  

     Lauren has returned to school where she has been successfully working towards her goal of becoming a Certified Medical Assistant. Working with her case manager they identified resources for financial aid and scholarships. Lauren has continued to work hard and has received excellent academic awards. She is now ready to find a place to call home and is expected to be moving out of the shelter soon.  

     With the help of Family Promise of Sussex County, Lauren has joined the long list of others who have turned their lives around. 

Kyle first came to Family Promise of Sussex County in 2015. He is physically disabled, struggling with anxiety and depression symptoms and homeless. Kyle has been living in a tent hidden in the woods, he cannot afford his medication and sometimes used alcohol and drugs to self-medicate. This is how Kyle has existed for the past two years. He struggles to maintain stability with his mental health and substance abuse issues. Consequently, he has trouble being able to find and maintain employment and at times, falls back on maladaptive coping mechanisms. 

Since engaging in services at Family Promise of Sussex County, Kyle has successfully completed substance abuse rehabilitation treatment. He continues to struggles with his mental health but is now experiencing longer periods of stability and has learned new life skills to help him cope with life stressors. Kyle and his Housing Specialist at Family Promise work together to meet his needs. Recently, Kyle was approved for a supportive housing program and will soon have a place to call his own.

Your gift to Family Promise of Sussex County does more than help families to escape homelessness, Family Promise of Sussex County breaks the cycle of poverty and builds long-term financial stability and self-sufficiency.